Football Equipment

Every LYF tackle football player must wear approved equipment, including: helmet & face mask, mouth guard, shoulder pads, game pads, belt, and knee, thigh, hip, and tail bone pads. 

LYF provides all this equipment for each player as well as a game jersey.  Except for the jersey, all equipment is the property of LYF and must be returned upon request.  You will be required to provide a deposit of $150 before you pick up any equipment.

Players must provide their own footwear.

Permitted footwear:

  • Rubber molded cleats
  • Baseball cleats
  • Soccer cleats
  • Tennis shoes
  • Non-Permitted footwear:

Steel cleats

  • Aluminum cleats
  • Hard rubber (non-molded) cleats
  • Nylon/rubber cleats with metal caps

A player with missing or improper equipment may not play in the game.

We depend on the return of football equipment to support other youth who participate and to minimize the cost of participation. Becasue of this, you will be financially responsible for the replacement cost of any equipment that is lost or not returned.  The replacement costs are as follows:

  • Football helmet - 7th & 8th Grade: $140
  • Football helmet - 1st - 6th Grade: $100
  • Shoulder pads: $60
  • Game pants: $30
  • Pant Pads, Belt: $3/each

Please do not abuse the equipment. At the end of the season, please return the equipment during the equipment hand-in times.  Any equipment returned without being cleaned will be subject to a $25 cleaning fee.  Equipment returned after the scheduled hand-in times but before the month of December will incur a $50 late fee. 

After December 1st, the deposit checks will be cashed to cover the cost of replacement.

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