Simply put, our program would not exist without volunteers. We do not compensate any of our volunteers, including coaches, board members and team moms, yet they and many others devote a substantial amount of their time and energy to support our youth sports program.

For example, consider the time our coaches devote. They attend 10 hours of practice per week during pre-season and attend UCFC and LYF meetings and training sessions. During the season, they participate in 6 hours of practice per week and plus games. On top of this, most coaches spend additional time each week preparing for games by participating in coaches’ meetings, reviewing game films and scouting upcoming opponents. They also spend time talking with parents and their players outside of practice and helping the LYF with activities such as fundraising, field preparation, and equipment hand-outs.

This year we will serve approximately 800 players from the time practices begin in late July/early August until the season ends with the Championship games in early November. If you would like volunteer at any level, please contact us.

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