UYFC Weigh-in information for 2021


Welcome to the 2021 Utah Youth Football Conference season!


Yes, we are ready to play some football! Since some of our procedures might be a little different than what has happened last year, we thought a brief explanation of the Weigh-In process would help answer questions that you may have. 

Please note that you will be held responsible for this information so please read it carefully.

  1.  Weigh-In’s will happen for LYF on one night only, Tuesday August 10 at 6pm.
  1.  The Weigh-In area will be fenced off and only one coach (doesn’t have to be the head coach) from each team will be allowed behind the fenced-off area.
  1.  Once your ENTIRE team is present, your designated coach can lead them to the fenced area and they will be permitted to enter together.
  1.  Each coach will present to the Conference Representative a picture roster of every player on the team. Roster will include: photo of player, grade, jersey number, DOB and indicate if the player is a Z-Down player. You can download a sample Weigh-In Roster Template here. If a coach does not have a picture roster, their team will be turned away. NO exceptions.
  1.  The conference has 7 digital scales, each designated for a particular grade. Every player in each grade level is weighed on the exact same scale. For example, no 5th graders will weigh in on the 7th-grade scale, etc.
  1.  Once the team is weighed, they will leave the fenced area and are free to go.
  1.  Each player must be wearing at least: a shirt and athletic shorts. Underwear only is not acceptable.
  1.  Each player will haveone chance to weigh in. Leaving and returning to the fenced-in area is not allowed.
  1.  If a player weighs at or above the X man weight for that grade, that player is an X man for the entire 2020 season. For example, if a 6th grader (6th Grade X man weight = 120 lbs.)  weighs in at 120.0 lbs. that player is an X man. 121.0 lbs. is also an X man. If a player weighs in at 119.9 lbs. then they are not an X man.
  1.  Players that weigh under 5 lbs. of the X weight will be required to attend a mid-season weigh in. For example, a 6th grader (6th Grade X man weight = 120lbs.) weighs in at 119.5 lbs., that player is NOT an X man at the start of the season, but will be required to attend a mid-season Weigh In event. That player must then be below the X weight for that grade to not be designated as an X man.
  1.  If a player is not present at the initial Weigh-In event, they will automatically be designated an X man. They are NOT eligible to attend the mid-season Weigh-In event in order to remove themselves from the X man list. If a player is designated as a mid-season weigh-in player, and they fail to report to the mid-season Weigh-In event, they will be considered an X man thereafter.
  1. The X-man list is available for District Representatives’ review at any time during the season.
  1.  During the season, if asked by an opposing coach, coaches must provide a copy of the picture roster used for Weigh-Ins.
  1.  All X men must have a visible X on the back of their helmet in a contrasting color. The UYFC will present the player with an X-Man sticker at Weigh-Ins.  If the UYFC does not provide an X sticker, the player must use tape or some other method for the X in a contrasting color to their helmet.

Weight Limits

1st & 2nd Grade –         75 lbs.

3rd Grade –                   85 lbs.

4th Grade –                   95 lbs.

5th Grade –                   105 lbs.

6th Grade –                   120 lbs.

7th Grade –                   135 lbs.

8th Grade –                   165 lbs.

9th Grade –                   No X Weight

Schedule: Tuesday, Aug 10th at 6pm

Location: Dick’s Sporting Goods

Address: 841 Pacific Drive, American Fork UT 84003