Frequently Asked Questions

Can both of my sons play on the same team?

That may be more likely at the lower grades (1-4) because team boundaries are more defined by school boundaries. However, even in the lower grades team makeup decisions are made between coaches will based on team need.  In the older grades (5-8) team selection is solely based on the draft.  It is up to the coaches whom they choose for their team based on each teams’ needs.

When does the season begin?

While specific dates will vary from year to year LYF and the UYFL try to mirror the Utah High School football season as much as possible. Try outs (if applicable) will begin the week following the 24th of July Holiday. Practices can begin after tryouts, often the first week of August. The first games usually start the second week of August. The Jamboree will be the weekend before the first games.

Is there a discount if I have multiple children to register for Lehi Youth Football?

Yes, if you have three or more players in grades 1-8, the discount applies.  The first two children are $198.00 each.  For each family member after that the registration is $100.00 per child.  Please remember, the discount only applies when registration and fees are completed and submitted PRIOR to the registration deadline.

Example, child 1 pays $198, child 2 pays $198 and child 3 would pay $100, child 4 pays $100 and so on.

Will games be played over the Labor Day weekend?

Yes, games are typically scheduled and played on Labor Day Weekend.

I would like to register my child but do not have the money. Can I register him now and pay later?

An initial payment of $75.00 is required to register your child.  After the initial money is paid, then payments can be made up to the registration deadline. 

You can register your child and select pay by check, however, checks must be received no later than 5 days after the registration date or your child’s registration could be deleted.

Please visit for complete and accurate registration information and directions.

Are games played over UEA weekend?

No. Typically games are not scheduled or played over UEA weekend.

How much of the registration fee do I get refunded at the end of the season?

As mentioned in this FAQ, the fees cover a variety of needs and there is no refund at the end of the year. 

The only refund provided at the end of the season is the full deposit required when picking up equipment which is returned up receipt of the equipment at the end of the year.

I want my child to play for the same coach as last year. Is there anything I can do to ensure that this happens?

Teams are selected by the coaches at tryouts. These decisions are made at the coaches discretion.

I want my child to play for a different coach this year. What do I do to ensure that happens?

Teams are selected by the coaches at tryouts. If you do not want them to play for a specific coach then approaching that coach and letting them know at try-outs would be appropriate.

How are teams selected?

Grades 1-4 selection are based as close to school boundaries as possible.  However the coaches are given some leeway. 

In the upper grades selection is made specifically through coach evaluation of his team needs and player skills.

What do the registration fees cover?

  1. A jersey to keep
  2. League fees
  3. Referee costs
  4. Equipment maintenance and replacement
  5. Field usage fees
  6. Work out camp
  7. Coach criminal background checks

How do I reset my LYF Registration Password?

I can’t remember my password that I used on the registration site. What do I do?

Registration services are provided by You can reset your password to their site by using the following link: